For the past two decades Jacob's Ladder has been the prime musical event for many of this country's anglo and Israeli-born Celtic music loving community. Until last year there was a long 12-month wait to be endured between the annual gatherings on the banks of the Kinerret. However, last year Jacob's Ladder organizers Yehudit and Menahem Vinegrad decided we could all do with an interim shot in the arm and a scaled down version of the springtime event was held at the Nof Ginosar lakeside venue. This year the event will be followed by the second Jacob's Ladder Winter Weekend on December 2 and 3. The main foreign draw in the program is Irish three-member band Sliotar who employ whistles, pipes, percussion, guitar and bouzouki to produce a broad range of sounds and energies, ranging from typical rural Irish material to numbers of a more folk-rock inflected persuasion. On the home front, the local artist roster will include 60s and 70s folk-pop-rock-country combo Country Roads, the Celtic Connection quartet, and Shay & Friends who will perform contemporary and traditional folk songs. In between the stage entertainment a voice and movement workshop will be offered, as well as traditional American square dancing, games for toddlers, traditional Irish dance lessons, movie screenings and more. For more information, go to