Obama to make diplomatic push on Iran nuclear program

November 14, 2012 22:33

WASHINGTON – In US President Barack Obama’s first press conference since winning re-election, he said he would “make a push” in the near future for talks with Iran on its nuclear program.

“I will try to make a push in the coming months to see if we can open up a dialogue with Iran,” he said, speaking to reporters Wednesday in the East Room of the White House.

However, he called a report of imminent one-on-one talks between Washington and Tehran “not true.”

Obama said “there is still a window of time for us to resolve this diplomatically,” which he said was his preferred option.

But he stressed, “We’re not going to let Iran get a nuclear weapon.”

In separate comments on Syria, he said that the US and Israel share “grave concerns” about the threat of unsecured Syrian chemical weapons.

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