- The Commodity Futures Trading Commission released its weekly Commitments of Traders report for the week ending February 4 on Friday.

Speculative positioning in the CME currency futures:

Long Short
Net Prior Change Gross Change Gross Change
EUR -13.6k 14.3k -28.0k 67.6k -19.3k 81.2k 8.6k
GBP 11.0k 22.2k -11.2k 52.1k -11.3k 41.1k 0.0k
JPY -76.8k -86.2k 9.4k 15.9k -0.1k 92.7k -9.4k
CHF 2.2k -0.4k 2.7k 13.2k 1.8k 11.0k -0.8k
CAD -60.3k -62.8k 2.5k 29.4k 3.5k 89.7k 1.0k
AUD -55.5k -65.7k 10.2k 11.7k -2.3k 67.2k -12.5k
NZD 8.0k 9.7k -1.7k 14.6k -2.0k 6.6k -0.4k
MXN -34.5k -35.3k 0.8k 13.7k -7.0k 48.2k -7.8k

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