NEW YORK – New York City subways have recently started to display advertisements calling for the end of US military aid to Israel, deliberately coinciding with the United Nations General Assembly sessions next week.

The 25 posters in 18 Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Bronx subway stations are part of a mass transit advertising campaign by Be On Our Side to remedy what the advertisements call “the flawed and skewed representation in mainstream media” of Israeli-Palestinian relations.

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This is the seventh city in which these ads have been displayed. The posters have been approved by the city’s Metropolitan Transit Authority, and will be displayed for one month.

“Be on our side. We are on the side of peace and justice. End US military aid to Israel,” the advertisements state, showing pictures of parents and children identified as Israeli and Palestinian. The text on the ads directs riders to the Two Peoples One Future website.

“US military aid to Israel is a barrier to peace,” the website reads. “This aid sustains Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land and buys weapons used against Palestinian civilians.

“Has US military aid to Israel over the past six decades advanced the prospects for peace? Quite the opposite: tens of billions of our tax dollars in military aid has not and will not bring peace because the conflict requires a political solution – not arming one side. America’s reputation and precious resources should be utilized to promote a positive outcome for both Israelis and Palestinians.”
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