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Facing chaotic instabilities
August 31, 2014 17:00
Israel's survival, terrorism and regional nuclear war.

How shall Israel best prevent involvement in any conflict involving nuclear weapons, whether as war or terrorism? . (photo credit:REUTERS)

How shall Israel endure in a chaotic "neighborhood?" Although this is a bewildering question, it is evident that Jerusalem’s nuclear forces and posture will become increasingly important to national survival. Clear, too, is that certain regional conflicts could sometime lead to a belligerent use of nuclear weapons.

How might such use actually come to pass? Normally, scholars and strategists would respond to this sort of query in expressly regional or geographic terms, thereby highlighting the particular areas or individual states that seemingly pose the greatest threat. For Israel, of course, the most obvious locus of impending nuclear concern remains Iran, including the related prospect of future nuclear terror attacks by Iranian proxies, e.g., Hezbollah.


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