How the media helps perpetuate a high cost of living

Reforming politicians earn little positive press to offset the costs of angering powerful interests.

October 20, 2014 16:01

Dozens file into Rabin Square October 14 to learn about how to emigrate to Berlin. (photo credit: Lahav Harkov)

Last week’s uproar over the price of Milky puddings died down quickly once the myth that Israelis were flocking to Berlin was debunked, but the high cost of living remains unchanged. Although Israelis across the political spectrum regularly deem this issue one of their top concerns, successive governments have done little to address it. Various players share the blame for this failure, including politicians, big businesses, public-sector unions and the defense establishment. But one major culprit consistently escapes scrutiny – the media. 

To understand how the media thwarts efforts at reform, try asking yourselves one simple question: What’s the most important economic reform carried out by the current government, and which minister made it happen?


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