A vast sector of the globe receives less than its due share of attention from the world’s media. Latin America covers nearly 13 percent of the world’s land surface, has a population of some 600 million and a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) totalling nearly 6 trillion US dollars, outpacing India’s by some distance and approaching China’s.  The region’s potential is enormous, held back from its full realization by poverty on a vast scale and staggering inequalities in income. All the same, great steps have been taken towards creating effective economic, financial and commercial structures designed to enhance the region’s development and its trade, both internally and with the outside world.

Equally unnoticed by the media has been Israel’s long-time involvement in Latin America – and the fact that the Arab-Israeli dispute is being played out not only in the Middle East, but also halfway across the world.
The overwhelming presence of the world’s super-power, the United States, to the north has produced varied reactions in the nation states of Latin America.  Four of them are distinguished by their vehement opposition to the USA and all its works - Bolivia, Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.  Iran has seized on this antagonism to advance its own global strategy – Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon believes Iran has terrorist bases in all four states. To gain political, economic, cultural and religious influence in the region, Iran has been using every opportunity to exploit these countries’ desire to combat what they see as “American imperialism”.


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