Palestinian statehood and jihadist terror

The primacy of twisted 'faith.'

Israeli Arabs wave Palestinian flags during a rally, April 2007.
Photo by: REUTERS/Ammar Awad
Throughout portions of the Islamic world, an utterly unbreakable link exists between violence and the sacred. This insidious nexus prevents peace from breaking out in the Middle East. It is, moreover, the indisputably core reason why a Palestinian state would pose an egregious or even existential threat to Israel.

In the matter of Palestinian statehood, US President Barack Obama's proposed plan for a “Two-State Solution" would degrade both US and Israeli security. Oddly enough, after so many years of bearing witness, even genuinely well-intentioned supporters of Palestinian statehood still miss a fundamentally crucial point, one concerning intersections of violence and religious faith. This is that a 23rd Arab state carved out of the still-living body of Israel would inevitably accelerate and enlarge jihadist terror in the region.    

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