Reasons for Israeli gratitude

At key junctures, Israelis have made choices that averted problems suffered by other countries.

January 27, 2014 18:05
Menachem Begin (front, followed by Moshe Dayan)

Menachem Begin. (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

The news of the last few weeks hasn’t exactly been encouraging. The interim agreement with Iran has given it major sanctions relief in exchange for minuscule concessions that delay its nuclear breakout time by at most a month. Rocket attacks are once again occurring almost daily, which, as one analyst noted, means another military operation in Gaza probably isn’t far off. America is demanding dangerous concessions to the Palestinian Authority, while Europe is threatening boycotts.

Yet looking around the world, my overwhelming feeling these past few weeks has been one of gratitude. For many problems now bedeviling other countries could easily have been Israel’s as well, had certain Israelis not made different choices at critical junctures.


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