If one were to gather their news solely from The Jewish Tribune, that most auspicious of mouthpieces for Canada’s Bnai Brith, they could be forgiven for believing that Jews from coast to coast are up in arms over a decision by JNF Canada to invite Israeli former prisoner of war, Gilad Schalit, to speak in several Canadian cities this coming fall.

Of course, the decision to invite Schalit to Canada is to be lauded as a natural extension of the deep interest that the Canadian Jewish community took in Schalit’s case. Several salient examples of that deep and abiding interest, which spanned the political spectrum, include a July 14th, 2006 rally in Toronto, calling for Schalit’s release, sponsored in part by Bnai Brith, and an article featured in none other than The Jewish Tribune, quoting prominent rabbis describing the mobilization of the Canadian community, titled We Cannot Turn Our Backs On Our Brother Gilad.


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