Starting the countdown to the next Gaza war

The only way to end the Hamas threat is one Israelis aren’t yet ready for – reoccupying Gaza.

September 1, 2014 16:39
Hamas celebration

A MASKED Hamas supporter holds a mock missile at a Gaza celebration after last week’s cease-fire.. (photo credit: REUTERS)

Judging by the polls, Israelis aren’t happy with the results of the war that (perhaps) ended last Tuesday. Only a third think Israel beat Hamas; most expect hostilities to resume within a year; a majority opposed the cease-fire; and a whopping 60 percent feel less secure than they did before the war.

These assessments may be unduly pessimistic. Whether the war achieves its stated aim of long-term quiet depends largely on how quickly Hamas can rebuild its arsenal, and with Egypt’s current government far more serious than its predecessors about preventing arms smuggling from Sinai, this will likely take longer than it did after previous wars.


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