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What Sandy Koufax has to say about attracting young people to Israel
October 10, 2013 18:42
Sadly, the national movement for the return of the Jewish people to their homeland is being hampered by Israel’s perpetuation of the image of the Jew as history’s eternal non-athlete.
Michael Levitt celebrates Nobel win with wife Rina, October 9, 2013.

Michael Levitt celebrates Nobel win with wife 370. (photo credit:REUTERS)

Israel has been abuzz over the last few days, what with the news that yet another prodigal son had taken home the world’s most prestigious award. On Wednesday, Kibbutz-born Arieh Warshel won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry, along with fellow Jewish professors Michael Levitt (who also holds Israeli citizenship) and Martin Karplus.

The trio won the award “for the development of multi-scale models for complex chemical systems,” the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced. By creating computer models that can delve into complex chemical processes, the three are helping to elucidate the pathways of photosynthesis, without which life as we know it would not exist.


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