1st Latin America Young Leadership Conference Held in Israel

January 10, 2017 18:32

Young leaders of KKL Latin America get to know KKL-JNF in depth: “KKL is not just about planting trees but it is really about the development of the country.”

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1st Latin America Young Leadership Conference Held in Israel. (photo credit: KKL-JNF)

Drawing on the enthusiasm and energy of its young leadership abroad, the KKL-JNF Latin American Department in Israel held its first Latin American Youth Leadership Conference over nine days, from Dec. 27 to Jan. 4.


The conference brought together young volunteers and professionals from seven countries, introducing them to the wide scope of KKL-JNF projects in Israel, as well as providing a platform for brainstorming and sharing of ideas and information.


Participants came from Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, Ecuador and Cuba.


“We want to form a cadre of future young leaders for KKL Mexico and Latin America,” said Nissim Shasho, KKL Mexico director and one of the conference initiators.
“We have young people working as volunteers with KKL Latin America and what better way to prepare them for leadership roles than to bring them to Israel and to actually live the KKL-JNF experience here?”


The conference included meetings with KKL-JNF leaders and leaders in local government, business and academics, as well as nine full days of touring to see a variety of KKL-JNF projects throughout the country, ranging from Hula Lake Park and Biriya Forest with its Path of the Righteous (Shvil HaTzaddikim) in the north, to Ariel Sharon Park in central Israel, to the Yair Research and Development Station in the Arava, in the south.


“KKL-JNF is everywhere and that is what I came to see: to see the length and breadth of the actual projects that KKL is involved in,” said Federico Kremenchuzky of Argentina. “KKL is not about just planting trees but it is really about the development of the country. Now I have lots more to do and people to meet. I will be able to show and tell people about a lot more projects in which KKL is active.”


Read more and watch video of the KKL Latin America Young Leadership Conference

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