Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day

KKL-JNF, in cooperation with the B’nai B’rith International, held the Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day ceremony at Martyrs Forest at the plaza of the Scrolls of Fire memorial. The ceremony commemorated the heroism of Jewish rescuers, who with great courage aided in the survival of Jews, endangering their own lives as well as those of their families. This year the ceremony was dedicated to th

May 4, 2014 10:23
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Holocaust and Heroism-1. (photo credit: KKL-JNF)

 Many stories of heroism were told of the late Yonah Eckstein, who gave refuge to tens of Jews during WWII, fed the survivors, hosted orphans and the abandoned and facilitated their immigration to Israel.  Many notable persons honored the story of Yonah Eckstein and the “Jewish Rescuers Citation” was awarded during the ceremony to his family members and to additional heroes who also aided in the survival and rescue of their Jewish brethren. 

On the day of the ceremony, “testimony corners” were set up around Martyrs Forest, where soldiers and high school students heard testimonies, given by Holocaust survivors, of their own personal story of coping with the Nazi oppressor and their survival.  

The ceremony opened with the entrance of an honor guard made up of Border Patrol soldiers and the lighting of memorial torches. The torches were lit by family members of Yonah Eckstein, of blessed memory. Among them were his daughter Tova Teitelbaum and his grandson Benny Teitelbaum, who remarked during the ceremony: “From our point of view, today’s ceremony is the closure of a historical cycle; an expression of thanks to my grandfather Yonah Eckstein who risked his life throughout the years of the Holocaust, for a sole purpose: to save as many Jews as he could”.

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