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Ma’alot 360 Scholarship Recipients from Australia Tour Israel
February 25, 2014 13:31
Dr. Chunhui Lu, who lectures on groundwater technology at Monash University,

Ma’alot 360 Scholarship-1. (photo credit:KKL-JNF)

Ma’alot 360 Scholarship Recipients from Australia Tour Israel

Dr. Chunhui Lu, who lectures on groundwater technology at Monash University, and
Gregor Sanders, who is working on his PhD on drought adaptation of eucalyptus trees at Melbourne University, are two scientists who were awarded scholarships by JNF Australia's Ma’alot 360 scholarship program.

The scholarship winners were accompanied by Avi Gafni, a KKL-JNF tour guide who led them up and down Israel for two weeks and introduced them to KKL-JNF staff and professionals who described Israel's achievements and challenges in the fields of afforestation and water technology.

 In addition to touring KKL projects and sites, Chunhui and Gregor were introduced to scientists in their respective field of expertise. Chunhui met with scholars and researchers in the Israel Water Authority in Tel Aviv, the Geological Institute in Jerusalem and the Technion in Haifa. Gregor met with professionals and researchers who work in close cooperation with KKL’s Foresting Department headed by Dr. David Brand. Gregor’s meetings included a visit to Hebrew University’s Faculty of Agriculture in Rechovot, a visit to the LTER Station at Yatir Forest, the Jacob Blaustein Institute of Desert Research at Ben Gurion University, and various Eucalyptus research plots with researchers from the Volcani Institute.

The two week program was quite intense and it included tours of the central, northern and southern region of Israel. During their second week of touring, the researchers spent time together in the Negev and Arava, where they saw why KKL-JNF is considered a world leader in desert forestry and water management.

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