GreenXchange, which also participated in the YLC conference, held productive work sessions and prepared their presentation for the European Leadership Conference. Other YLC participants expressed interest in adapting the greenXchange model, a German – Israeli program, for their own countries.  

The Young Leadership Conference (YLC) included the greenXchange participants and formed a part of the European Leadership Conference (ELC). YLC began on Friday, March 28, and then merged with the ELC conference on Sunday evening. 

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The 28 young professionals who participated in the YLC hailed from Germany, Israel, Greece, France, Spain and of course, Belgium. 

YLC started off with a bang, with an orientation and movie KKL-JNF in Numbers, before a fun and engaging getting-to-know you session led by head KKL-JNF emissary in Belgium Olivier Rafowicz. 

Prior to the conference, participants were instructed to prepare a creative two minute introduction about themselves for the opening session, a task that was embraced with great enthusiasm – one participant from Greece for example, wrote personalized lyrics to the famous Frank Sinatra song "I did it my way" about his life-story so far and sang it to an enthusiastic audience.

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