Under Hamas Fire, KKL-JNF Paves a Security Road for Kibbutz Sufa

Over the last days, in the midst of Operation Protective Edge, KKL-JNF, in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense, has constructed the foundation for an alternative road at Kibbutz Sufa, a community only 2 km from the Gaza border. The new road is lined with a thick row of trees and it connects directly to the main highway.

August 17, 2014 08:34
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Under Hamas Fire, KKL-JNF Paves a Security Roadִֹֹֹֹ 4. (photo credit: KKL-JNF)

 The works for a security road for Kibbutz Sufa, which immediately began in the hours during the ceasefire, continued undeterred into the morning, despite the resumption of rocket shooting by Hamas.  

KKL-JNF has established the foundation for the new road using graders, rollers and water tanks, preparing the way for the laying of new soil substrates for the surface. 

The existing road at Kibbutz Sufa, part of the Eshkol Regional Council, is completely exposed to mortar and anti-tank missiles from Gaza. In view of the current security situation, an alternative, 400 meter long road has been built, leading from the back gate of the kibbutz to the main highway 232. 

The new road is hidden by a row of tall, thick trees, serving to camouflage vehicles from rocket attacks. The road was constructed in coordination with and according to the request of the Ministry of Defense. Construction was carried out with a sense of commitment and love of country by KKL-JNF personnel while under the threat of fire. 

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