Pupils Inaugurate the Alexsandroni Path near Modiin

Students from the Nachshon School inaugurated on a walking path on Feb 27, 2015, which they had been building over the past four years.

March 8, 2015 11:48
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Pupils Inaugurate 758. (photo credit: KKL-JNF)

The Alexsandroni walking path was prepared in honor of the fighters who took part in the Alexsandroni battle, in what is today the KKL-JNF Givat Koach Forest in the area of Modi’in and Elad.

“We wanted to honor the fighters in a unique and inspirational way,” said school principal Eti Oz as she welcomed the students along with a group of ten veterans of the battle in which the fledgling Jewish State defeated the forces of the Arab Legion. All joined in celebrating the official completion and opening of the 2 km path which winds its way through the forest ending near the town of Elad. “Without KKL-JNF and the cooperation with the Modi’in Local Council this would not have been possible. More and more people are coming to take part and walk this path, and I am happy to see other people here using the path today.”

Oz noted that the project came about as part of the lessons in the Shelach educational program which aims to imbibe students with a love of the land of Israel and its heritage. Tzahi Gal, one of the teachers in the program noted that the path was created with the full cooperation of KKL-JNF. “It is a wonderful way to honor the people who gave us this country”, she said.  Fellow teacher Eran Ben-Sinai added that each year, thousands of students have come here to take part in the experience of building the path and creating their own personal connection to the land.

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