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European Leadership Conference 2017, Paris
January 31, 2017 17:19
What happens when leaders get together to work for the future of KKL-JNF in Europe?

European Leadership Conference 2017, Paris. (photo credit:KKL-JNF)

The biennial European Leadership Conference (ELC) for KKL-JNF leaders in European countries is being held this year in Paris, France. 

Beginning on Thursday, January 26 and ending on Tuesday, January 31st, the conference is a unique opportunity for KKL-JNF offices in Europe to share ideas and form partnerships to promote a green future for Israel.


ELC 2107 is packed with lectures, forums and working group sessions on a range of topics concerning KKL-JNF leadership in Europe, including reporting on past activities, goal setting, policies, fundraising, and responding to BDS efforts against Israel and KKL-JNF.


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