The Negev Conference on Agricultural Research and Development

February 25, 2015 08:11

The tenth Negev Conference on Agricultural Research and Development, which was held in the Eshkol Regional Council, focused on developing agriculture in Israel’s Gaza Border communities.

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The Negev Conference 758A. (photo credit: KKL-JNF)

Stands displaying agricultural produce greeted visitors to the Negev Conference on Agricultural Research and Development and added their own scents and flavor to the event. Posters advertising a variety of innovative research projects underway at the research and development stations described the groundbreaking technologies that enable farming to take place in this desert region: growing strawberries above the ground, pepper harvesting in extreme heat, the effects of irrigation quantities on dates, growing squash in protective netting, growing peonies in the desert and other fascinating practical research. 

Conference Chairman Professor Sheenan Harpaz of the Agricultural Research Authority invited the honored guests to start the day with words of welcome. Dr. Avi Perl, Chief Scientist at Israel’s Ministry of Agriculture, emphasized that the conference would focus on innovation in farming research and its practical application in the field. “Everyone agrees that agriculture is important, but there is disagreement as to how its various branches can be modernized and rendered more efficient,” he said. 

“We are all aware of the enormous potential of agriculture in this area,” declared Hanan Bazak, Director of the Ministry of Agriculture’s Extension Service. “Farming is now at a difficult crossroads, as the revenue from its various branches is being eroded. Nonetheless, despite the situation, the creative energies of our scientists and farmers cannot be curbed.” 

Head of the Agricultural Research Authority Professor Yoram Kapulnik stressed the conference’s vital role as a conduit for new information and the discussion of relevant issues. “We have to emphasize the viability of the various types of agriculture, so as to ensure that research keeps in touch with what’s happening in the field,” he explained. 

Lior Katari, Director of one of the agricultural research and development stations in southern Israel, pointed out that, although the research stations cannot solve all the problems, they can definitely help to cope with the challenges.

Director of KKL-JNF’s Southern Region Ami Uliel reviewed KKL-JNF’s extensive activities to promote Negev development - which are carried out with the help of its Friends worldwide – in areas such as agriculture, land, water, afforestation, settlement and tourism.      

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