KKL-JNF shares its knowledge and experience all over the world, and has participated in and sponsored numerous international conferences, showcasing KKL-JNF's technical experience and applied research. KKL-JNF is receiving growing recognition from international organizations and government offices, which cite its professional achievements.

KKL-JNF is the Israel's largest non-governmental organization (NGO) with United Nations status, dealing with land amelioration, water conservation and afforestation. As an NGO, we are committed to enhancing our international cooperation activity by addressing key global issues through mutual networking, knowledge sharing and spreading environmental advances beyond Israel's borders.

In turn, we are placing more and more emphasis upon our ability to lead, innovate, and create scientific breakthroughs by conducting research.

Our world – class expertise in water resource management and afforestation has earned KKL-JNF its rightful place among the world's leading environmental organizations.

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