President of Lombardy Tours Israel Prior to Milan Expo

April 1, 2015 15:35

Roberto Maroni, the President of Lombardy, Italy, visited Israel prior to Expo 2015, which will take place in Milan in early May.

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Tours Israel Prior to Milan Expo 758. (photo credit:KKL-JNF)

President Maroni toured the Negev with KKL-JNF representatives, and inaugurated a joint venture with KKL-JNF for establishing an agriculture and afforestation program in Israel for students from Italy. 

“Lombardy is a leading region in Italy in the field of agriculture, but there is a lot we can learn from KKL-JNF's experience and from its spirit of entrepreneurship,” said President Roberto Maroni. “Joint ventures in this field can be very productive for both parties.”

The international exhibition in Milan will be highlighting food security, and its theme is feeding the world. In this context, Shariel Gun, KKL-JNF Emissary in Italy said, “Israeli technology contributes to many countries. Israeli expertise in the agricultural development of arid regions enables developing countries to advance their agriculture and improve food security.”

Franco Modigliani, Vice President of KKL Italy, sees Expo 2015 as an opportunity for Israel and KKL-JNF to present the beautiful side of Israel. “We will expose the general public to Israeli technology, which serves many countries in the world, and we will present the appreciation Israel has for nature and for people. KKL-JNF is instrumental in this, of course, as one of the principal organizations that facilitated the establishment of the State of Israel, and as a major force in the promotion of agriculture and environmental protection in contemporary Israel.”

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