Sharing and Learning - German Forestry Students Intern with KKL-JNF

Kim Binder and Johannes Thomas are forestry students from Germany, both of whom came to Israel for a period of several months in order to learn about KKL-JNF's internationally acclaimed forestry work

December 3, 2014 08:32
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"In Germany, 30% of the country is covered by natural forest. In a sense, our forests are more like a commodity, since they're the basis of the lumber industry and very much taken for granted.  In Israel, it's been amazing to see what people are willing to do to create forests and the appreciation everyone has here for what KKL-JNF has accomplished."  Johannes Thomas, who is ending a three-month forestry internship with KKL-JNF, studies international forestry and eco-system management at the Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development. He was originally a carpenter who went from working with wood to growing it. 

Why did he choose Israel for his overseas studies? "I was in Israel four years ago with my girlfriend and really loved the country. I'm interested in the Middle East, and although Israel is totally different than Germany climatically, there's a lot of cultural similarity, so coming here was a good choice."

Johannes is here together with Kim Binder, who is her fifth semester of forestry economics at the Rottenburg University of Applied Forest Sciences and will be spending a total of five months in Israel. "I love trees and am fascinated by them. My aunt and uncle visit Israel quite a lot, and they told me about KKL-JNF. I contacted Johannes Guagnin , the Foreign Relations and Research Coordinator for KKL-JNF’s Afforestation Department, who arranged everything for our trip and who is also responsible for our itineraries. He's been wonderful and doesn't miss a single detail." 

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