The KKL-JNF delegation to the International Climate Conference will be going to Denmark as part of the official Israeli delegation headed by the Israeli Foreign Ministry and the Ministry for Environmental Protection. At the conference exhibition, the delegation will present the extensive activities of KKL-JNF, from 7th - 12th December 2009 under the title "KKL-JNF: Exhibit of the Green Revolution in the Negev Desert, including Forestry, Water and Agriculture."

The exhibit of KKL-JNF will include several short films in addition to information flyers about KKL-JNF's environmental, global-warming and water-project activities. In keeping with efforts to reduce environmental damage, and in the spirit of the conference's decision to hold a Green conference, the KKL-JNF flyers have been printed on recycled paper.

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Apart from the exhibits, KKL-JNF representatives will participate in side events about professional issues, on 10th December, 2009, under the heading
"Adapting to Arid Climate Conditions - Updated Research and Development Practices from Israel."

Israel is renowned for its expertise in afforestation and efficient re-use of wastewater and this event will be attended by three Israeli experts.
Yitzhak Moshe, Deputy Director of KKL-JNF's Southern Region and its Director of Afforestation will speak on "Afforestation Practices in Semi-Arid Conditions to Promote Adaptation."

José Grünzweig, from the Faculty of Agriculture of the Hebrew University will speak on "Sequestration of CO2 by Forests in Arid Lands."

Zafrir Sofer from Palgey Mayim Ltd will speak on "Technologies for Efficient Re-use of Effluents where Water is in Short Supply."

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