KKL-JNF - Always there for the people of Israel

January 11, 2010 13:42

Once again Israel's southern front is burning. And once again, KKL-JNF is there to help.

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KKL-JNF - Always there for the people of Israel

map gaza periphery. (photo credit: )

Once again Israel's southern front is burning. Once again the illusion of peace has been shattered - Hamas rockets have already reached as far as Be'er Sheva, but the residents of the area are, as always, standing firm. The head of the Israel Defense Forces Home Front Command, Yair Golan, praised the resiliency of western Negev residents, who have suffered so much, but still persist. And once again, KKL-JNF is there to help. On one hand, according to instructions from the Home Front Command work on projects close to the Gaza border has been stopped. This includes the restoration of the ancient synagogue at Nirim, work on the West Shikma road and on the recognition center for KKL Italy friends near Sederot. The foresters working on these projects have had to be transferred to other sites. Nevertheless KKL-JNF is in constant touch with the IDF to prevent damage to forests and other sites in the area.   KKL-JNF has been involved in the western Negev for years, and continues to be so, in many fields, with help of Friends Worldwide:

  • Security: a network of agricultural security roads that allow residents of the area to move between their communities, reach their fields and transport children to school safely and securely. Thanks to the existence of these roads the people of the western Negev can move around safely even in times of danger.
  • Rest and recreation: despite the difficulty the people of the western Negev try to continue living as normal a life as possible. The various KKL-JNF projects in the region that include community parks, restoring archaeological sites, river rehabilitation, scenic lookouts, bicycle trails and recreation areas for families and people with disabilities are one of the things that make this possible. They also help attract tourists to the area, which in turn helps the economy.
  • Supporting the economy: by reclaiming land for agriculture, building agricultural roads, reservoirs and dams, and infrastructure for expanding existing communities and developing new ones, KKL-JNF is strengthening the local economy and helping the brave western Negev residents weather hard times and look forward to a better future.
  • Education: green schoolyard development and a variety of environmental education activities.
  • IDF: picnic areas for rest and recreation, family-soldier meeting points and landscaping military bases in the Negev.
  • R&D stations that help keep Negev farmers at the forefront of an extremely competitive global produce market, by constantly developing newer and better farming methods.
  • Hosting local residents at KKL-JNF Field and Forest Educational Centers in northern and central Israel. For more information, please visit our website at www.kkl.org.il/eng or e-mail [email protected] Sponsored content

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