For nearly two years now Israel has found itself in the throes of a serious security crisis. The situation has taken its toll on the normal lives of everyone in the country, and the sense of a lack of personal security has resulted in a high degree of fear and anxiety. Security is, now more than ever, at the top of Israel's national priorities. The army and security forces do their utmost to protect Israel's citizens, and people try bravely, as much as possible, not to allow the situation to disrupt their daily routine. KKL-JNF is aware of the country's special needs at this time, and its projects directly impact the complex security situation Israel is now facing. Together with the ministries of Defense and Agriculture, the National Road Company and relevant regional councils, KKL-JNF builds security and agricultural roads. These vital roads ensure safe passage for IDF soldiers as they go about their daily task of protecting lives in communities throughout Israel. Since farmers, civilians and school children also use these roads as well they make a tremendous difference in the struggle to maintain a normal course of life. KKL-JNF works on security projects throughout Israel in the Galilee, the center and along the confrontation line, the Jordan Valley and the western Negev. Work includes earthworks, drainage, foundations, paving and landscaping. In the western Negev, in the region bordering on the Gaza Strip, but no less in other areas that are within missile and artillery range, our security roads are a vital component in day-to-day life. Military patrols regularly use the roads to keep the local communities safe, farmers could not tend their crops without them (particularly in times of war) and children would not reach school safely. Thanks to KKL-JNF's road building activity the difficult situation residents of the western Negev now find themselves in, can be ameliorated. Join us once again, in these times of conflict and war, and help us ensure that the IDF and the residents of the western Negev can continue to move around freely throughout the region. For more information, please visit our website at or e-mail

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