Former UN Ambassador Dan Gillerman at WMC 2015

Israel’s former ambassador to the UN Dan Gillerman addresses the participants on the final day of the KKL-JNF World Marketing Conference.

January 21, 2015 09:00
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Former UN 758. (photo credit: KKL-JNF)

“I walked the down the halls of the UN with my head held high, because I knew that I was representing an amazing country, which makes the world a better place on a daily basis, thanks to its entrepreneurship, creativity, industry, science, art and culture,” said former Israeli ambassador to the UN Dan Gillerman, in an address to the 2015 World Marketing Conference.

Gillerman told the audience a bit about what happens behind the scenes at the UN.  “The countries of the world do not understand Israel and it is discredited by an immoral majority.  I formed personal relationships with the most influential people in various countries of the world, including representatives of countries that are hostile to Israel.  When relationships of trust and mutual respect are built, one discovers that many of the ambassadors do not really believe in the way they vote against Israel.”

Gillerman noted that during his activity in the UN, he tried to break through the boundaries of the conflict and present the real Israel.  “The best way to convince people is to bring them to Israel.  After they visit here, they become our best ambassadors.”

With regard to the changes taking place around the world, Gillerman said:  “We are in a very complicated period.  Israel is not in existential danger, because we know how to take care of ourselves, but we are dealing with difficult threats.  The entire world has become a dangerous place.  We have discovered that even in Paris, a loaf of bread in a supermarket can cost you your life.” 

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