Green Leadership Classroom for Rehovot's Hadarim School

February 3, 2016 07:47
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Green Leadership Classroom for Rehovot's Hadarim School. (photo credit: KKL-JNF)

The newest KKL-JNF Green Leadership classroom was installed at the Hadarim School in Rehovot on Monday, January 26, a gift from Friends of JNF Canada in honor of Robert Freedman, who flew in with his family for the ceremony.

The outdoor structure, which forms an integral part of KKL-JNF's Young Leadership Empowerment Program at the school, is a gift from the Jewish community of Winnipeg, marking the 2015 Winnipeg Negev Gala of JNF Canada, which honoured outgoing director Robert “Bob” Freedman, who recently retired after 28 years service. 

Hadarim principal Orit Sharabi thanked the Freedman family and the Jewish community of Winnipeg for enabling the establishment the open classroom at her school. Sharabi was confident that the new structure would become the center for such activities and encourage even more children to take part. 

Robert Freedman conveyed greetings from the Winnipeg Jewish community, of which he said has strong pro Israel schools and institutions. He also said that Winnipeg has become a destination for Jews from countries of distress who are looking for a safe, stable Jewish environment. 

KKL-JNF Open Classroom Coordinator for the Southern District, Asael Lavi, responded by saying “Winnipeg has a frozen climate with the warmest Jewish community imaginable”.

Yaakov Nazri, who is the KKL-JNF guide at the school, said that he could not emphasize the significance of the Green Leadership Classroom project enough. He said that while the subjects that they are dealing with, such as Zionism, the Land of Israel, ecology, water conservation and other environmental issues, are important, there are other benefits too. Nazri explained that many of the young participants come from disadvantaged backgrounds and as a result of the program, they mature into responsible young leaders who later impact their community at large.  

Before the ribbon cutting ceremony, the Freedman family members, which included children and grandchildren, were invited to a musical Tu Bishvat Seder in one of the school classrooms. 

The Freedman grandchildren recited the Planter's Prayer before planting Bay Laurel saplings in the school grounds adjacent to the new KKL-JNF open classroom. 

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