KKL-JNF for Pre-military Academies in Israel’s Outlying Regions

May 29, 2017 16:49
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KKL-JNF for Pre-military Academies in Israel’s Outlying Regions. (photo credit: KKL-JNF)

At the annual conference of the Joint Council of Pre-Military Academies (Mechinot) that took place in Jerusalem on Thursday, May 25, KKL-JNF World Chairman Danny Atar announced that KKL-JNF will support mechinot in Israel’s peripheral regions. 

The annual conference of the Joint Council for Mechinot (JCM) took place with the participation of the President of Israel,  Mr. Reuven Rivlin; the Chief of General Staff of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), Lieutenant General Gadi Eisenkot; Major General (ret.) Orna Barbivai; Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat; Head of the Military Rabbinate of the IDF, Brigadier General Eyal Karim; KKL-JNF World Chairman Danny Atar, additional distinguished guests, and over 3,000 pre-military academy students and graduates from throughout Israel.

The chief focus of the conference was KKL-JNF’s decision to partner with the JCM in a new-old Zionist goal: settling the Galilee, the Negev and Jerusalem.

Students and graduates from the various mechinot participated in discussion circles on the question of what to do at the present time in order to continue the Zionist vision of settling the land of Israel, and what that meant in 2017.

Meetings also took place with mechina graduates who have decided to make their homes in Israel’s peripheral regions, since, in Israel, the gap between the center of the country and the outlying regions is not only geographical, but also social and economic.

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin said that the students and graduates of the pre-military academies would be the next generation of Israeli leaders: “To enroll in a pre-military academy is to say ‘I am here to contribute’. This is a way of building one’s self by helping to build society, and building society by building yourselves. Never forget the state of Israel, never forget the people of Israel. Our country and our flag should never be taken for granted!” the President concluded.

Israel’s 54 pre-military leadership academies prepare young people from all Israeli demographic groups for leadership roles in society in general and the IDF in particular. Each of these academies, which are located throughout Israel from Mayan Baruch in the north to Be’er Ora in the south, is a registered nonprofit association that functions according to a dormitory model. High school graduates can choose to attend a coeducational secular academy, a mixed secular and religious academy, or an Orthodox academy for either young men or young women, where they spend ten months studying, performing community service and living as a group before enlisting in the Israeli army. The academies are fully accredited by the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Education.

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