KKL Presents Pilar Rahola in Latin America

KKL-JNF in Latin America conducts a series of lectures, interviews and special events with the renowned writer, journalist and politician Ms. Pilar Rahola.

January 1, 2015 16:39
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Pilar Rahola is a journalis 758. (photo credit: KKL-JNF)

 Pilar Rahola is a journalist, a Member of Parliament and Deputy Mayor of the city of Barcelona. For two weeks she served as a KKL-JNF ambassador in the countries of Central America.

Pilar has always been a fighter, fighting for truth, common sense and especially defending human rights and the rights of the Jewish people: "I do not defend the Jews; I meet up with the Jews in our fight against prejudice."

Likewise, she continues:

"I feel like a Muslim woman when Islamic fundamentalists attacks Muslim women and I feel Jewish when the world attacks the Jews".

"The Palestinians are truly the victims, but Israel is not the aggressor, they are victims of the Palestinian's leaders and the Muslim world who cynically exploits them to advance their anti-Semitic agenda.

"I have an obligation towards the future, for my children, to fight for a better world. I am forced to be on the side of moral and ethical values, to contribute to progress and the advancement of rights and equality. 

"Those who contribute to a better world are friends of KKL-JNF; People who plant trees for our future generations, who find creative solutions for water issues and work to supply reservoirs for agriculture worldwide; People who invest in research for new technological advances in the field of the environment. They are the ones that change the world, the ones we must protect and defend.

"I am not a defender of Israel or of the Jews; I am an advocate for truth, justice and love of life," says Pilar Rahola. 
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