The 15th Walkathon of Friends of KKL-JNF from France took place this year in the Golan Heights. This trip takes place every year, and is called the Walk for Water, since its purpose is to raise awareness about Israel's water problem, and about KKL-JNF's contribution towards finding progressive solutions for the ongoing water crisis.
This year, Walkathon participants jokingly called it the Walk in Water, since much of the route was along the watercourses of the Golan Heights, which benefited from this winter's bountiful rainfall. Nahal Jilaboun, Ein a-Teena, the Banias, Nahal Snir, Nahal Zevitan, Nahal Daliyot, Nahal El Al—these are some of the routes they walked.

Nahal El Al is the southernmost perennial stream in the Golan. It has two waterfalls and an abundance of pools and aquatic plant life. Its nature reserve, which is named after the stream, covers an area of 3,000 dunams (3 sq km).

"The water issue has become a universal concern, and it is certainly a major issue in Israel," said Reuvan Naamat, chief emissary of KKL-JNF in France. "Here in Israel at least we know how to deal with the problem, by means of KKL-JNF's important work in building reservoirs and water reclamation plants, along with other solutions."

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