In honor of its twentieth birthday, the 2012 Hineni Mission of the Moadon Loisirs youth club of France became the twenty-first youth movement to officially join Nof Moledet, a project of KKL-JNF's Education and Youth Division, in which young people from abroad visiting Israel rebuild ancient terraces, prune trees, blaze trails, dig up archaeological remains, and more. Each youth movement receives their own parcel of land, and Moadon Loisirs will be developing a forest grove in Adulam France Park in the Lower Judean hills, which was created and is maintained thanks to the support of friends of KKL-JNF from France.

The group arrived in Adulam France Park on Friday, May 4, to attend a dedication ceremony in honor of the auspicious occasion. Michel Berros, the executive director of Moadon, spoke about Moadon and the group: "Mo'adon is a French Zionist organization that organizes activities for about 2,000 young people aged 6-18 in cities throughout France. Its goal is to instill Zionist and Jewish values, and a good number of the children come for a summer visit with Mo'adon to Israel. Many of them have been here previously visiting family, but a trip with Mo'adon is a very different experience. 

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"This Hineni Moadon mission is comprised of about eighty former and present group leaders, directors and councilors. We'll be in Israel for five days, and we are very excited to be dedicating this new forest grove in KKL-JNF's Adulam France Park. On Sunday, we will visit the Knesset, where we'll be meeting with politicians who will be discussing local issues with us. We'll also be visiting the new Moadon project in the Azorim neighborhood of Netanya, where we're working with Ethiopian immigrant children." 

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