Tupperware Brazil plants trees in Tzora Forest

An enthusiastic group of 350 representatives of Tupperware Brazil took part in a spectacular tree-planting group ceremony on May 23rd at the KKL-JNF tree planting center in Tzora Forest.

May 29, 2017 16:45
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Tupperware Brazil plants trees in Tzora Forest . (photo credit: KKL-JNF)

“There was a fire in this forest a few months ago and we want to bring the forest back to life,” said KKL-JNF Latin American Department Director Ariel Goldgewicht, as he welcomed the group. He then explained to them the proper way to plant the trees so they would get the needed irrigation during the dry Israeli summer months ahead.

The group’s trees will greatly assist in the mission of reforestation, he said.

“The tree is a symbol of life that will stay here. By planting this tree you will be leaving your mark here in the Holy Land,” he said to rousing cheers from the group.

Also greeting the group from the KKL-JNF Latin American Department were Demian Krzymuski and Clara Benaderet.

After a week of touring and visiting sites around Israel, planting a tree with KKL-JNF was a way of giving something back to the country, said Tupperware Brazil President Paola Kiwi.

“This creates a connection with Israel and is a way of leaving a part of us here,” said Kiwi. “Israel has a connection with all peoples and a lot of significance for many people, it is a land that is significant for all religions.”

It was a very emotional moment for the participants and many of them read aloud the Planter’s Prayer in Portuguese before planting their sapling.

“I have goose bumps planting this sapling here,” said Diana Cabra as she was about to plant her sapling. “It is a marvelous surprise to be able to come here and do this.”

“I never thought I would be able to leave a part of me in Israel. I am feeling very emotional at being able to do this. I am very happy I had the opportunity,” said Terezinha Sanchez.

Goldgewicht said it was an honor for KKL-JNF to host such a significant Brazilian delegation showing its solidarity with KKL-JNF and the people of Israel.

“We are very happy to be partners in this visit,” he said.

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