At the closing event of the KKL-JNF WLC, which took place Wednesday evening at the Kennedy Memorial in Aminadav Forest, KKL-JNF presidents signed a KKL-JNF covenant expressing their identification with Israel and with KKL-JNF, whose vision positions it at the forefront of the Zionist enterprise. “We shall continue our deep commitment to the vision and the goals of our historic organization,” declared the presidents. A special recognition plaque honoring KKL-JNF presidents worldwide was installed at the Kennedy Memorial donor appreciation center.

Stanley Chesley, President of JNF USA, chaired the closing event of the 2013 KKL-JNF World Leadership Conference and congratulated the representatives from all the countries that taken part in the conference. “I was born in the United States,” he said, “and every time I land in Israel, I realize it is the most exciting place you can arrive at. Isn’t it like that for all of us, no matter where we come from or what we do?” The audience answered his question with a round of thunderous applause.

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“Think about what Israel has managed to accomplish in sixty-five years, surrounded by enemies.” Speaking about the connection between Israel and the Diaspora, Chesley went on to say, “Israel has done a lot more for the Diaspora than the Diaspora has ever done for Israel. All we did was raise money, after all.”KKL

Addressing all the KKL-JNF representatives, he said, “Next time you travel to Israel, and someone hears about it and asks you if it’s safe, tell them the only trouble you are expecting is a traffic jam between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. We are safe and protected here.” Chesley concluded his speech by saying, “We have accompanied Israel for sixty-five years, and now our job is to look ahead at the next sixty-five years.”

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