Different aspects of the wide world of KKL-JNF activities were addressed on Tuesday 18th June in discussion groups on young leadership, settlement in the Negev and in the Galilee, missions and tourism, and afforestation of arid regions. Ulf Haxen, President of KKL-JNF Denmark, chaired the session and said that Denmark is characterized by a diversity of views on different issues, including with regard to Israel. Before breaking into groups for the different fields of interest, the representatives presented the main topics for discussion.

Ofir Fisher from the OR Movement for settlement began by saying, “If in the past everyone was busy establishing the State of Israel, and then with the struggle for survival, recent years have seen a lack of something to unify the young people in Israel and in other countries, We asked ourselves what we could do, and we arrived at the conclusion that settling the Negev and the Galilee is the key. We saw these regions as the land of opportunity, and we decided to devote our lives to this.”

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On cooperation with KKL-JNF, Fisher said, “KKL-JNF is our significant partner, which enables us to achieve our goals. With the assistance of KKL-JNF we have founded seven new communities in the Negev and in the Galilee, but this is just a small part of the vision, and we have many more plans for the future.” KKL

Rabbi Yehoshua Fass from the Nefesh B’Nefesh organization spoke about the organization’s work in bringing immigrants from North America and encouraging them to settle in northern and southern Israel in conjunction with KKL-JNF. He screened a moving video, which described the organization’s work in bringing immigrants to Israel.

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