The KKL JNF World Marketing Conference closed with a parting reception in Jerusalem on the final evening. It began with a video, which was produced by Ms. Elinor Milchan for the KKL JNF 110th anniversary celebration in Geneva.

Ms. Nadine Hakas, KKL JNF President in Uruguay, chaired the closing event. “Every good thing comes to an end, and we are reaching the conclusion of the conference,” she said. “This was the best conference of its kind, which is also what I heard from the other participants. We succeeded in creating interaction between us and learning from each other. We saw many projects and fell in love with them.”

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KKL JNF World Chairman, Mr. Efi Stenzler, parted from the conference participants with warm words. “You have collected experiences from the Negev to the Galilee,” he said, “and I am convinced that you have also collected human experiences. You are taking part in leadership and responsibility, and continuing in the path of the original Zionists.”

Stenzler also emphasized the importance of education. “We must foster a strong next generation for KKL JNF,” said Stenzler, “because it is our future. Investing in education is investing in the security of the Jewish people and of the nation dwelling in Zion. Youth is our most important focus over the next years.”

Mr. Ron Prossor, Israel Ambassador to the UN, was the keynote speaker at the gala reception and captivated everyone with his brilliant speech. “The UN has made a special decision, which relates to the violation of human rights on the part of Israel along with the human rights violations in the rest of the world. There is a triple moral standard here, not a double standard. One standard is for dictatorships, another standard is for democracies and there is a third one for Israel alone.”

The Ambassador also said that Israel is succeeding and prospering notwithstanding all the difficulties. “If we once exported oranges, today we are exporting cellular devices made by Orange. If we once exported apples, we are now programing software for Apple. A lot of this is happening thanks to you. I walk with pride in the corridors of the UN, because I know what I represent.”
Dancing at the closing event

Regarding the youth in Israel he said, “Everyone complains about the educational system, but the younger generation in Israel today is an awesome generation of young people who are smarter and better than we are. It is a generation we can rely on.”

The Ambassador praised the work of KKL JNF over the years and said, “KKL JNF built the State of Israel tree by tree, dunam by dunam. You planted the seeds for the flourishing country we have today, when the State of Israel was only a dream.”

Ambassador Prossor concluded his inspiring speech by expressing a wish for peace. “Our dream is still to have peace with our neighbors and secure borders. War has never been our choice. We extend our hand to anyone who wants peace, but only a strong Israel can truly make peace possible in the Middle East.”

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