Argentinean Vice President Visits Israel

January 18, 2018 12:47
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Vice President of Argentina Marta Gabriela Michetti (center-right) with KKL-JNF Vice President Herna

Vice President of Argentina Marta Gabriela Michetti (center-right) with KKL-JNF Vice President Hernan Felman (center-left) and other honored guests. (photo credit: KKL-JNF)

KKL-JNF’s Latin American Department hosted a dinner honoring Vice President of Argentina Marta Gabriela Michetti, at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem on Sunday, January 14, 2018.

Captivated by the work KKL-JNF has done in Israel, Argentina Vice President Marta Gabriela Michetti said there is an “extraordinary opportunity” for cooperation between her country and KKL-JNF and Israel.

“It is very admirable, the work you have done. I am very impressed by what you have achieved here in 70 years, it is marvelous when I compare the 70 years of Israel and the 116 years of KKL-JNF. The work KKL has done, with the number of trees planted and reservoirs built-- it is very impressive,” she said at a festive dinner held her in honor and hosted by KKL-JNF at the King David Hotel on January 14.

“Especially in northern Argentina there is a real need for water for the population, to do more intensive agriculture and to aid the population with projects such as reservoirs and the transfer of knowledge,” she added.

The Vice President was completing her official visit to Israel, where she was accompanied by key figures of the Argentinian ministries dealing environment, tourism, industry, economy, and foreign affairs.

Mechitti noted that Israel and Argentina today share the same urge for peace and are constantly working towards that end.

“The world needs peace fundamentally,” she said. “Argentina today has a vocation to find peace and condemns international terrorism.”

KKL-JNF Vice President Hernan Felman, originally from Argentina himself, welcomed Michetti and noted the double honor of welcoming the vice president of his native country to Israel. “You, Mrs. Vice President are part of a new Argentina, an Argentina of peace, love and justice,” he said.

In the Israel-Argentina Forest, KKL-JNF is preparing a memorial for the Argentine federal prosecutor Alberto Nisman, the chief investigator of the 1994 car bombing of the Jewish AMIA center in Buenos Aires, who was murdered four days after he formally accused then president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner of covering up the role of Iranian officials in connection with the country’s deadliest terror attack.

Felman noted the recently signed Memorandum of Cooperation between Argentina and Israel during Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Argentina.

“We hope this will strengthen even more the strong ties which unite our nations and peoples,” he said.

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