15 years later – and hazards still abound

Although the Versailles wedding hall collapse of 2001 seems far behind us, the tragedy remains etched in Jerusalem’s psyche. What – if anything – has changed for the better?

June 26, 2016 10:31

The damage: The Versailles Hall floor implosion mid-wedding left 23 dead and 380 injured. (photo credit: REUTERS)

This past January 12, Avshalom Yehuda took his daughter to visit his studio – where he hadn’t worked for the past four years – located near the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel off Gershon Agron Street.

The pair stood on the balcony to take in some fresh air. A few minutes later, they found themselves sprawled on the street, with pieces of stones and mortar still falling from the balcony.


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