A stone’s throw away

A trio of exhibitions at the Jerusalem Artists’ House puts three women artists in the spotlight.

March 9, 2017 12:17
Jerusalem poet Zelda

Iconic Jerusalem poet Zelda. (photo credit: ALIZA AUERBACH)

When it is suitably crafted, photography can offer much more than just pleasing aesthetics, especially when the subject matter is portraiture – and having Aliza Auerbach’s index finger on the camera button ups that interest ante severalfold.

Auerbach died last year at the age of 75, shortly after an expansive retrospective exhibition of her work opened at Ein Harod. The show, appropriately called “Life,” was curated by Guy Raz and it is now being reprised, in a reduced format, at the Jerusalem Artists’ House, as “From Stone to Sea.” The current exhibition was also curated by Raz and looks at Auerbach’s incisive and sensitive oeuvre produced over close to half a century.


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