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After the fanfare
May 29, 2014 09:55
Israel Festival-Jerusalem director leaves after 22 years.
Yossi Tal-Gan

Yossi Tal-Gan. (photo credit:DOR NEVO)

Yossi Tal-Gan, former head of the Culture Department at the Jerusalem Municipality and later general manager under mayor Teddy Kollek, was a candidate for mayor in the 2003 elections, while he was already director of the Israel Festival. Realizing that he was not suited to politics, Tal-Gan quit that arena and remained where he felt more at home – in the artistic life of the city, serving as director of the Israel Festival and, for several years, the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra.

The 53rd annual Israel Festival began yesterday. The festival, which continues for three weeks, includes theater, music and dance. However, it will be the last Israel Festival under Tal-Gan’s direction before a new director takes over.


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