In Jerusalem

French flair

When she made aliya from France with her husband, Michal (Mimi) Sinai Sinelnikoff turned to baking.

Mimi Sinai Sinelnikoff in kitchen
Photo by: Barry A. Kaplan
Paris-born Michal (Mimi) Sinai Sinelnikoff says she grew up between two slices of mille-feuille (puff pastry). “When I was small, every day my grandmother took me from school and brought me to a bakery. She would ask me what I wanted to eat for tea time. I would say, ‘I want mille-feuille. It was my favorite pastry.’”

Now, bustling around her restaurant and kitchen, Bistro Mimi, in a red checked pinafore/apron over her modest top and skirt and wearing a head covering, Sinelnikoff is the epitome of a gracious, energetic, warm and attentive hostess.

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