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Lending a helping hand to the Ear
June 19, 2014 11:35
The race is on to reopen HaOzen HaShlishit ahead of the Jerusalem Film Festival, at which time if activists do not find enough subscribers the archives will be sold off.
HaOzen HaShlishit

The contents of the HaOzen HaShlishit DVD and videotape library are currently at the Cinematheque.. (photo credit:BARRY DAVIS)

Almost a year to the day after the seemingly permanent closure of the Jerusalem branch of the HaOzen HaShlishit (The Third Ear) DVD and videotape lending library, a flicker of hope has appeared on the horizon.

Around April of last year, the HaOzen HaShlishit faithful – who week in, week out, made their way down the steps to the delightful basement repository of around 26,000 films, hidden away in a small courtyard at the Liberty Bell Gardens end of Emek Refaim Street in the German Colony – were jolted by a printed sign next to the entrance that succinctly and unemotionally declared the enterprise was going out of business.


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