In Jerusalem

A return to its former glory

The Old City’s landmark Tiferet Israel Synagogue is the last of those destroyed in 1948 to be rebuilt.

Tiferet Israel Synagogue
Photo by: Wikimedia Commons
While there was recently a cornerstone-laying ceremony to rebuild the Old City’s Tiferet Israel Synagogue, don’t expect to see the 20-meter-high new/old hassidic landmark return to its former glory anytime soon.

The synagogue was dedicated in 1872 and dynamited by Jordan’s Arab Legion in 1948. Speaking at the cornerstone ceremony in May, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat referred to the building as “one of the important symbols of the Jewish community in Jerusalem.” He stated that “the municipality attaches great importance to the preservation and restoration of heritage sites in Jerusalem, and we will continue to maintain the heritage of Israel in this city.”

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