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Grapevine: An in-house Purim party

Purim festivities for the senior citizens at Nofei Yerushalayim were devised and executed by the residents themselves.

Zvi Mazel
Photo by: Courtesy
- AGE NOT withstanding, senior citizens at Nofei Yerushalayim maintain quite an active lifestyle. Like much younger people, they brought Purim in early and held their festivities on Thursday of last week. As opposed to their previous Purim celebrations, this year’s was devised and executed by the residents themselves, with no outside paid entertainment. The program was conceived, written, directed and produced by the talented Sonia Cohen, who infused her fellow entertainers with her enthusiasm. Her meticulous attention to every detail resulted in a near professional performance. Cohen herself was mistress of ceremonies and, one by one, she introduced the audience to a wide variety of Purim personalities, though not necessarily those included in Megilat Esther.

Cohen’s Purim list included Theodor Herzl, Napoleon, Alice in Wonderland, Queen Elizabeth II, Mozart, Golda Meir, Obama’s chef, Peter Pan and Shakespeare, each of whom read a humorous text. Each of the personalities mounted the stage to the accompaniment of appropriate music played by lively resident Roz Grossman, who is a brilliant Scrabble player, as is another of the very active residents, Pamela Loval. All the costumes were put together with the help of residents skilled in dressmaking and makeup, with much imagination and flair.

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