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Second-term grades: Nir Barkat's coalition

Six months in, Mayor Nir Barkat’s coalition is still resolving religious tensions and sparring with the opposition – but more quietly.

Six months have passed since the elections for mayor and the city council, and that is enough time for us to take a closer look at what has changed – or not – with this new council.

The first thing that appears clearly is the atmosphere of seriousness and dedication to the work at hand that characterizes most of the city council members. A large percentage of the 30 city councillors has admitted that the last elections were a severe warning from the residents. Mayor Nir Barkat’s challenger, Moshe Lion, was not so far from winning the poll, as he decided to represent the large numbers of residents who felt for the past five years that they were not included in the city’s “success story,” as Barkat tried to present things under his watch.

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