From prayer to fulfillment: Israel’s first birthday

April 27, 2017 17:42

Cynics all over the world assumed that Israel, once attacked by its Arab neighbors, would never have a first anniversary.

Israel Independence Day

In 1949, no Remembrance Day had yet been established, so a prayer for the fallen was recited in the Knesset. By 1973 it had, when prime minister Golda Meir lit a memorial torch on Mount Herzl, marking the transition from Remembrance Day to Independence Day. (photo credit: IPPA)

It was 1964; my wife, Rita, and I were here in Israel as students. We had heard that you could buy tickets for the 16th anniversary Independence Day celebratory parade. The only hitch – it was in Beersheba – so the tickets included the bus ride there and back and good seats to view everything.

We felt that we could not miss that parade – never knowing then if we would be back.


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