Libyan love-in

March 23, 2017 14:37
Luvim project

Oud player Yaniv Raba (right) and bass player Yankele Segal are the driving force behind the Luvim project. (photo credit: ZOHAR SHAPIRA)

They say you can never go back. Then again, if you initially reject your roots, as an artist it can help to dig into your genetic treasure chest and embrace the familial and cultural backdrop to what you are up to in real time.

The local ethnic music scene is littered with musicians who kicked at the sounds and cultural sensibilities they imbibed with their mother’s milk, and sought to channel their artistic gifts through very different, more contemporary and commercial – a.k.a. Western – channels of expression. The names of internationally renowned violinist and oud player Yair Dalal, whose parents hailed from Iraq, and Turkish-born guitarist- vocalist Berry Sakharof spring to mind.


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