• National flags were flying from the upper level of the Yissa Bracha Sephardi Synagogue in Talbiyeh last weekend. The reason for the festive décor: Sephardi Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef participated in the Shabbat services, to the great delight of regular congregants – who dedicated the entire Shabbat to Torah study.

• Although it has been announced that the Yosef family plans to sell the Har Nof apartment in which late Shas spiritual mentor and former Sephardi chief rabbi Ovadia Yosef had lived with one of his sons and daughter-in-law, the Shas influence in the municipality and the Jerusalem District Planning and Construction Committee is preventing the construction of a synagogue adjacent to the building on Hakablan Street where Yosef resided. Applications for the construction of the synagogue have been consistently turned down.


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