New concept

Treating first-time sufferers of mental breakdowns.

September 18, 2017 19:53
Named after the Greek goddess of safety from harm, was established to provide a comfortable, homelik

Soteria. (photo credit: YOEL KASSEL)

For parents experiencing their son or daughter thrust into psychosis or other forms of psychiatric trauma for the first time, there is almost nothing scarier. I have met dozens of parents who have had no experience in the field of mental illness and suddenly find themselves in the midst of a crisis with their child experiencing some form of psychosis.

Whether induced by drug use or by some traumatic event, parents are reluctant to approach psychiatrists and hospital emergency rooms, fearing the stigma that can affect their son or daughter in the future. Also of concern is the over-medicating often being the first recommendation of professionals in the field of psychiatry; whether private, through health fund medical services or hospitals.


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