Peggy Cidor’s round-up of city affairs

October 4, 2017 18:23
3 minute read.
David Kilimnick

‘ONCE YOU’RE able to have a sense of humor about something, you’re letting the other person know that you don’t take yourself that seriously, which opens up the space. An aspect of what gets a laugh in comedy is just truth,’ says local funnyman David Kilimnick.. (photo credit: NICHELE KILIMNICK)

 The fight goes on

The Chief Rabbinate in the city is not ready to give up the struggle over kashrut domination. Despite a recent High Court of Justice ruling that eateries have the right to proclaim that they are kosher even if not certified through rabbinate services, a fine was given on that basis to a restaurant last week.

Pasta Basta, a popular shuk eatery under the supervision of Hashgacha Pratit – the kashrut alternative of Yerushalmim city councilman Rabbi Aaron Leibowitz – received a bill of NIS 2,200 from the Jerusalem rabbinate. Several additional city restaurants and coffee shops that have moved to Leibowitz’s kashrut certification are convinced they are the next on the rabbinate’s list as part of a plan to put pressure on eateries to stop them from leaving rabbinate kashrut services.


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